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Self Managed Super Fund (Smsf)

At Direct Wealth, we are able to provide advice on self managed super funds. Self managed super funds are one of the fastest growing strategies availaable on the market today with nearly one third of the total capital invested into the superannuation environment held via a self managed Fund.

While Self Managed Super funds are a complex strategy, in certain circumstances, they may offer attractive benefits over a standard retail fund as they enable the investor to gain access to broader investment options, increased investment control, superior tax and estate planning strategies, broader flexibility, transparency and the potential to reduce ongoing investment costs.

There are regular ongoing changes to your circumstances, legislation, compliance and investment markets and it can be difficult to ensure you are up to date with the latest information. Direct Wealth can assist you in all areas of your self-managed super fund, whether it is establishing the SMSF, deciding on appropriate investments, making contributions, transitioning to retirement, commencing income streams and estate planning. Direct Wealth will assist you to determining and meeting the needs of the members.

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