Estate Planning

Estate planning is an emotionally difficult topic to consider and all too often put in the too hard basket. We’ve seen first-hand the pain this causes, often for the surviving family members, and have a strong desire to help you navigate this difficult obstacle.

Estate planning is about setting clear guidelines in anticipation of premature death or incapacity. We will work with you to ensure that we can identify and eliminate uncertainties over the administration of your estate.

We first need to understand what assets will form part of your estate. We find a lot of clients are unaware that some of their assets will become estate and non-estate assets. We also find a lot of clients are not aware of the tax liability applicable with asset transfer as part of the estate.

Family disputes often occur, not from greed, but from differing interpretations of what a family member may have selected, from health care treatment, guardianship and financial matters.

Again, emotions are high and without guidance from you, the chance for avoidable disputes increases significantly.

Your family structure may also have changed throughout the years and you want to ensure certain family members are protected.

Where specialist advice is needed, we can liaise with our partners to ensure seamless communication and aligned intentions for a collaborative approach to your overall financial plans.

Our aim is to provide peace of mind that your wishes are fulfilled and your dependants are protected.

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