Retirement Planning

Generally, the earlier you can start preparing for your retirement, the easier it will be for you to set the correct plan for you to meet your retirement goals.

Some of the most common questions we hear from our clients are around retirement planning regularly include:

  • When can I retire?
  • How much do I need to retire?
  • How long will my money last in retirement?
  • Am I at risk of falling short?
  • What happens if the market crashes and I lose all my retirement money?

These are all very real circumstances we are faced with every day and it’s our goal to ensure your retirement is on track and these questions are answered.

We approach your retirement planning in a straightforward manner:

  • Determine your ideal retirement.
  • Decide on how much you can contribute to this goal without impacting your other financial goals.
  • Identify immediate strategies to help work towards your ideal retirement.
  • Model this out and see if you are likely to achieve this.

But, what happens if I’m not on track?

  • We help to identify the gap between your ideal retirement and how much we calculate you can afford.
  • We discuss the options available to you if you don’t want to reduce your retirement goal.

But, what happens if my goal changes?

We understand life isn’t stationary, and no financial plan should be either. As your goals change, we adapt too and run through the above process as many times as it takes to give you as much certainty as we can.

Armed with this information, we can chart a course together tailored specifically to your individual needs to be held accountable to throughout the years.

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