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Simon Coombes

Director & Executive Financial Adviser

Simon founded Direct Wealth in May 2017, and it has grown from a one-person operation in a small office in Auchenflower into a thriving business. The driving force behind this success is Simon’s dedication as a financial advisor and his passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Simon is committed to a customer-focused approach, working closely with each client to provide personalised, up-to-date financial advice tailored to their unique needs and future aspirations. He understands that navigating complex financial information can be overwhelming, especially for those without experience in wealth management. To address this, Simon specialises in delivering intricate advice in a manner that is comprehensive yet easy to understand. This approach ensures that clients have a clear grasp of the financial planning process, empowering them to confidently pursue financial freedom and comfort.

As an authorised representative (License Number: 459078), Simon ensures that clients receive expert guidance. He welcomes new industry requirements, always striving to provide the highest standard of financial advice. With Simon by your side, you can feel confident in working towards a secure and prosperous future.

When he’s not crafting financial plans, Simon enjoys quality time with his supportive wife Talia, son Leo, and their two mini schnauzers. You might also find him on the golf course, enjoying a round or two—when his wife lets him, of course. Balancing family life and personal interests with his professional responsibilities, Simon exemplifies the holistic approach he brings to his clients’ financial well-beings.

License Number: 459078