Josh White


Joshua is a passionate Associate Adviser, currently in his provisional year. With five years of experience in the financial planning industry, he brings an expert understanding of unique financial situations and a skill for crafting strategies tailored to meet your specific needs.

Armed with degrees in Economics, majoring in international finance, Commerce, specializing in finance, and a Master’s in Financial Planning, Joshua has more than just formal education. He nurtures a keen interest in discerning economic trends and appreciates the intricate dance between politics and financial markets. As the world of finance and technology continue to interweave, Joshua remains at the forefront, particularly excited by the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence within the financial sector. He is continually exploring ways to harness these advancements to enhance his clients’ experiences.

Believing that good financial advice should never be a puzzle, Joshua’s mission is to deliver clear, comprehensive advice. His ultimate goal is to instil a sense of confidence and security about your financial future, making your financial journey feel less like a daunting task and more like a planned tour with a trusted guide.

Outside of the finance world, Joshua is an adventure enthusiast. Whether it’s catching waves while surfing, exploring new places in his converted van, or camping out for the weekend, he enjoys the thrill that each adventure brings. He believes that just as a well-spent weekend can refresh your perspective, a well-planned financial strategy can bring peace of mind and freedom to pursue the things you love.