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Superannuation is a way to save for your retirement. Your super balance accrues with regular contributions being paid via your employer and sometimes via your own money. The value of super is that these contributions will accumulate over time and we are able to take advantage of the compounding returns. Without making sure your super is structured correctly, this could result in thousands of dollars difference at retirement.

At Direct Wealth, we have access to a broad range of software and data that enable us to search the market for the most effective superannuation account for your circumstances. Our clients appreciate our professional and client focused approach to superannuation recommendations.

We also understand that your superannuation can be frustrating and difficult to understand. Almost everyone has a superannuation account but not many fully understand the pros and cons of their current super account. At Direct Wealth, we will take the time to research the underlying investment strategies, insurance policies, fees and costs, contributions, investment risks and asset allocation to ensure that your superannuation account is appropriate for you.

Please give us a call to discuss how Direct Wealth can help you get a better understanding of your superannuation and determine if your current account is the most effective for you.

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