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At Direct Wealth, we pride ourselves on our passionate and client focused approach to financial advice. We thoroughly enjoy working closely with our clients and take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional service and results.

About Us

We talk about your needs.

We believe that financial advice does not need to be a difficult process and we strive to provide a happy, open and honest discussion about your personal, financial and retirement goals.

  • We’ve assisted many of our clients to complete the deck on the back of their house

  • Provide for private education costs
  • Pay down the mortgage and take that family holiday you’ve always wanted
  • Direct Wealth will assist you in meeting your goals along the way to retirement as well as assist in your managing your finances throughout retirement.

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Our Services

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

At Direct Wealth, we are able to provide advice on self managed super funds.

Preparing For Retirement

Generally, the earlier you can start preparing for you retirement

Transition To Retirement

Are you aged 55 and over? You should consider giving us a call


Superannuation is a way to save for your retirement. Your super balance accrues


A Direct Wealth adviser can assist you in reviewing your Centrelink entitlements.

Debt Management

In reality we are most likely going to be in debt at some point in our life

Cash Flow Advice

Managing your cash flow is essential to any good financial plan.

Risk Management

We at Direct Wealth feel that not only building our wealth is important but protecting


Direct Wealth is able to provide guidance to assist you with your investment selections.

Estate Planning

We find Estate planning is often set aside for another day and put in the too hard basket.

We crunch the numbers.

  • Direct Wealth will complete comprehensive research on your behalf to confirm that we have the best possible strategy moving forward.
  • Financial planning isn’t a once size fits all process and we will take the time to review your full financial needs.
  • We provide a comprehensive plan that will focus on your individual needs.

You get an action plan.

We will provide you with a strategy document that is focused on meeting your goals. This statement of advice will provide you the necessary steps we can implement to ensure you are making the most of your resources as well highlight the proposed improvement these strategies will make to your circumstances. Direct Wealth will take the time to educate you on the recommendations as well as assist you in implement the proposed strategies.

Let the journey begin.

We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process and we endeavour to ensure that we can assist you in all stages of life. Direct Wealth offers an ongoing review process to ensure the proposed strategies remain appropriate to your ever changes circumstances. Direct Wealth will work with you throughout your life to ensure that you continue to take advantage of all available opportunities that become available to you.

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